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It can be used for more accurate sorting jujube, red dates, Cherry tomato, hawthorn, sea buckthorn, kumquat, lychee, longan, plum and other fruits and vegetables, favored by the majority of customers.
Working principle:
The sorting fruit machine uses the diameter-control principle to sort the size of the small fruit. The fruit will be graded into different size grader one by one, and there is no damage to the fruit. The machine has the advantage of high sorting speed, high efficiency, saving labor, improve work efficiency. 

Machine Photo:

Machine Features:
1. Multi-functional machine, wide range, easy to move, easy to repair.
2.Advanced design, steel structure, strong and beautiful.
3.High accuracy, high sensitivity, stable and reliable.
4. Low power consumption, low noise, easy to operate.high efficiency, large output.
5. Automatic protection function.
6.The sorting fruit plate is carefully designed fruit plate will not damage fruit, durable fruit plate, reduce self-damage, reduce the use of cost.
7. The machine will automatically line up the fruit, one by one into the fruit plate for sorting.

Model HT-MT10
Rated voltage 380V
Rated power 0.37KW
Size 2050*600*800mm
Net weight 200KG
Sorting speed 1T/H
Applicable fruit Kumquat, virgin fruit (small tomato), tangerine, walnut, jujube, lychee, chestnut, etc.



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