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Import Service Agents Recruitment

author: HENTO          time: Nov 17, 2021

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We often meet some customers who want to import our products, but they meet various problems with inport affair.For examples,some customers are worried about doing customs clearance because they have no experience. Some customers can’t make international payment due to foreign exchange control polices, or they don’t know how to apply for international money transfer. Some customers are unfamiliar with transportation affair.They don't know how to choose a proper way.
In order to help our customers to solve these problems, our company decided to recruit several import service agents from regular customers currently existing in each country. That is, as an import service agent, you don't need to seek new customers. We will give you the new customers’ information, and you only need to provide the above-mentioned services to these customers.
As a service agent,you can charge some service fee according to the service items you provide. The service fee should be calculated by the service items, the order amount and the complexity of the order. The following is the charging standard we advocate. 

The above is just the guide price from our company.You can negotiate with our company to determine the accurate service fee standards. I have to say,our company will recruit at least two import service agents in each country. When the service is working, we will recommend two agents to our each new customer,to let him or her to choose the proper agent which he(she) approved. So, I suggest you research the service market first before you determine your service fee standard.The service fee standard should be reasonable,fair and transparent.
For the payment of service fees, you can choose one of the following two methods:
1. The customers pay directly to the agent.
2. Our company pay the agent. The agent lists the service fees clearly in advance and gives it to the sales representative.The sales representative will report it to the financial department of our company  for filing in time. The financial department will pay the fees once a quarter.
Our company will supervise the agent's services.We will let the customer to evaluate the service and score after the service is over. The scoring will be recorded and included in the agent's assessment. If the agent's service is excellent, our company will give him or her an award at the end of the year. If the service is not good, he(she) will be given a warning, demerit, or even disqualified as an agent.
It sounds very tempting. But,how to become an import service agent?
First,you need to be one of our regular customers who bought goods from our company in the past.You should have enough experience and ability to import goods. If you get these conditions, please talk with your sales representative.
Second,the sales representative will collect your information,such as your address,your business scope,the service items which you can provide and so on.He(She) will send the Import Service Agent Application Form to you and tell you how to fill it.You can also read the article<Writing Instruction for Import Service Agent Application>.
Third,the sales representative will submit the documents of the intended agent to the company leaders level by level.
Finally,our company will sign an agency agreement with you after our leader approved.
If you are interested in our machines, please leave a message and we will answer your questions immediately. Thanks for your support.
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