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Three knife type high efficiency cutter TJ-304B, outlet belt conveyor this machine is developed by our company and designed to cut cooked meat machine.
It uses three special blades to cut meat, halogen, pig skin, pig ear, beef belly, fat sausage, etc. Beef and other cooked meat cut into strips, flakes, food outlet connected to conveyor belt, so that cut out of the material placed neatly, and no need to arranged directly into the tray. Suitable for fast food industry, supermarket, large canteen and food industry.

Machine Photo:

Model HT-ZRD304A HT-ZRD304B
Voltage 220v 380v
Power 1hp,1/2hp 1.5 kw
Capacity 500kg/h 800kg/h
Dimension 750*500*1000mm 1350*600*1250mm
Weight 100kg 160kg
Single-phase belt width 120mm 120mm
Cut size 0-60mm adjustable 0-20mm,0-40mm,adjustable



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