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The garlic separating machine uses high-elasticity rubber as roller bearing, utilizing the difference of speed to rub principle, equipped with high performance gear motor and sprockets transmission system. When working, can adjust the space of roller bearing according to the size of garlic,has three rub processes, 95% separating rate, at the same time, the machine is equipped with fans system that can clean impurities of garlic.

 Machine features:
1.This garlic separating machine use high elastic rubber as the roller shaft of the splitting machine.
2.This device has the advantages of convenient operation, high yield, no damage after breaking valve of garlic.
3.The machine is made of stainless steel which make sure the high quality.
4.This machine is the best advanced fruit and vegetable processing equipment domestically with latest technology.

Product Pictures:

Model HT-FB800
Voltage 380V
Power 2.2KW
Productivity(kg/h) 800
Weight(kg) 280
Size(mm) 985*835*1420



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