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The fully automatic computerized ultrasonic hot drilling machine can easily realize beading in garments, fabrics, etc. The operation is automatic, efficient, simple, fast and fashionable. It is no longer necessary to make the layout pattern in the traditional manual way, and it is suitable for the hot stamping process with complicated flower patterns and various rhinestone colors. Has the following characteristics:
1. Computer touch screen operation, easy to operate.
2. Using the principle of ultrasonic wave, the rhinestone is immediately attached to various fabrics. Compared with the traditional hot drilling process, the ultrasonic drilling time is greatly reduced, and the hot welding is more firm, and the fabric is not damaged.
3. It can be used to make hot drilling on the garment with the embroidery frame.
4. Just design the design of the computer that needs hot drilling. The machine automatically locates the hot drilling position, automatically changes the disk, and automatically completes the entire hot stamping process.
5. Automatic boundary detection function, automatic shutdown when boundary is detected.
6. There is no limit on the number of stored patterns, reducing the cost of storing hot drilling.
7. A small amount of manpower can achieve high-volume production with high production efficiency.
8. Automatically prompt, change the knife with a knife is easy, fast and convenient.
Diamond wheel grinding system, the use of diamond wheel grinding edge of the progress is higher, the profile is smooth, the tool is more durable.

Machine Photo:

Model HT-TZ06
Power 220v(50/60hz)
Air pressure 0.3~0.5mpa
Output watts 200w
Frequency 28khz
Weight 150kg
Dimension 1300*990*1300mm



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