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Product Introduction:

1, round knife, plate kapoor (cloth) motor adopts frequency control, can be arbitrary speed and positive &negative switching control, never stick knife.
2, equipped with automatic sharpening system, blade don't remove, can be intermittent grinding, the machine adopts diamond grinding wheel, grinding time and cost savings;With aspiration filling quantity, cleaning cloth and a knife cut.Keep track and cloth clean. 
3, imported PLC programmable controller (commonly known as microcomputer module) control cutting, automatic cutting, can be directly set a variety of cutting width and quantity, improving the precision of cutting binding.Save automatically save electricity parameters, can be arbitrary calls;The size is accurate. 
4, import ball slide rail, parallel advance cutting width, not easy to wear and tear, with precision ball screw and slide rail, greatly control precision, the accuracy of 0.1 mm.Reduce the defective rate, achieve high quality cut. 
5, interface using Chinese LCD display, visual man-machine interface to save time, simple operation, can be directly set a variety of cutting width and quantity, can choose according to need manual/automatic conversion function, direct labor per capita can be used. 
6, using triangular vertical bracket design, feeding and discharging only one step to complete, more convenient. Article 7, the cutting machine set has a stop button, if there are abnormal circuit or operation, just point the stop button, and safe operation.


Technical parameters & Quotation:

Model  HT-CF200
Voltage 220v
Power 3kw
Minimum cutting width 5mm
Diameter of cloth shaft 37mm
Speed 0-1440rpm
Dimension 2850*800*1400mm



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