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The fusing Machine is fabric and sneakers pressure for binding processing of hot-pressing lining small desktop fusing machine,apply to all kinds of clothing brought lining,placket and sports shoes and other leather adhesive processing.

The corresponding adhesive products are flat and washable, not easy to wrinkle, suitable for various resin tape lining, non-woven lining addition, simple structure, beautiful appearance, low noise and convenient replacement.
1.The machine is equipped with tensioner adjustment and deflecting preventing control device;
2.Independent electric control system,convenient to operate;
3.Correct temperature control and small error;
4.With stepless speed regulation function;
5.With temperature control automatic stop device.

Machine Photos:

Model HT-NHJ600 HT-NHJ900 HT-NHJ1800
Electric power 6KW 9.6kw 22KW
Motor Power 380v/90w 380v/90w 380V/200W
Fusing width 0-600mm 0-900mm 0-1800mm
Working speed 1.037-10.37m/min 1.037-10.37m/min 1.037-10.37m/min
Max pressure 0.4Mpa 0.4Mpa 0.4Mpa
Temperature 0-200℃ 0-200℃ 0-200℃
Fusing time 6-30sec 6-30sec 10-34sec
Dimension (cm) 165*105*121 335*150*121 295*240*120



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