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(1).this machine have feeding foam stirring all the features set in one and miniaturization is currently the only one of the ultra-lightweight integrated foam machine.
(2).small size weight is about 300kg six people can easily move on the spot easy to use low failure rate light weight available manual forklift loading and unloading time-saving effort provincial costs.
(3).the foaming mechanism for the most advanced high-pressure air foam technology the use of air jet secondary bubble principle simple structure compact is the smallest efficient foaming device.
(4).Machine comes with the mixing system for the bedroom mixer stepless adjustable speed; the use of patented three mixing blades strong eddy current mixing to maintain the best product status the capacity of different products can be set to meet a variety of product requirements.
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(1).sporadic home improvement to warm construction. 
(2).small and medium-sized roof insulation construction.
(3).to fill the construction of warm mortar.
(4).prefabricated insulation block core processing.
(5).fire door core prefabricated. 
(6).refractory prefabricated processing.
(7).wall filled with foam concrete processing. 
(8).foam concrete insulation sporadic works.
(9).small crafts injection molding. 

Model HT-KT20
Delivery method Screw pump delivery
Voltage 380V
Capacity 5-8m3/h
Horizontal transport distance 100m
Vertical transport distance 20m

Host machine:
Main pump power 2.2kw
Water pump power 0.75kw
Pharmacy pump power 1.5kw
Air compressor power 2.2kw
Dimension 1200*950*1150mm

Feeding machine:
Power 1.5kw
Rotating speed 68 r / min
Dimension 2600*850*1000mm

Mix machine:
Capacity 0.8m³
Power 2.2kw
Rotating speed 60 r / min
Dimension 1950*820*1250mm



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