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Automatic Glass Bottle Utensil Washer Cleaning Machine for Laboratory

1.Machine introduction:

Applying to the pharmaceutical companies disease control systems research institutes environmental protection water systems hospitals petrochemical systems power systems and other laboratories on the injection bottle test tube beaker pipette flask flask Wash the dishes and dry.     
1. Standardized cleaning process to ensure uniform cleaning results reducing human factors have uncertainties. The company is located in:
2. easy to verify and save records easy to trace management.
3. Reduce staff risk and avoid personal injury or infection during manual cleaning.
4. Cleaning disinfection drying automatic complete reduce equipment and labor inputs cost savings.

1.Imported from European efficient circulating pump cleaning pressure is stable and reliable;
2. According to the principle of fluid mechanics design cleaning bits arranged to ensure that each item of cleaning cleanliness;
3. Optimized design of the nozzle nozzle rotating spray arm to ensure that no spray spray 360 ° dead ends;
4. Clean the side of the column oblique cut to ensure that the vessel wall 360 ° cleaning cover;
5. Height adjustable bracket to ensure the effective cleaning of different specifications of the vessel;
6. Dual water temperature control to ensure that the entire cleaning water temperature;
7. Cleaning fluid can be set and automatically added;
High drying efficient 
1. In-situ drying system
2. Built-in HEPA efficient filter to ensure the cleanliness of dry air;
3. Simultaneously dry the water circulation pipeline to avoid the pipeline wet pollution cleaning system;
4. Dual temperature control to ensure that the drying temperature

Model HT-CTLW200 HT-CTLW120
Dimensions (W * D * H) mm 980*740*1080mm 980*740*860
Voltage  380V /50-60 Hz 220v/50-60Hz
Water heating power 6kw 5kw
Maximum operating power 7.5kw 6kw
Noise 50 dBa 50
Effective volume 200 L 120L
Cavity size (W * D * H) 600*629*635 mm 600*629*465 mm
Water circulation flow 600L / min 300L / min
Dry running power 2.1 KW 2.1KW
Water consumption / cycle 15 L 15 L
Water pressure 0.3-1.0 Mpa 0.3-1.0Mpa



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