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The milk cream separator is the most important equipment in dairy industry. Mainly used in the skim milk, butter, casein, cheese production, anhydrous butter production process, removing cream and foreign impurities in the milk. Similar materials can also be used for clarification and purification, such as coconut milk, fish oil, lemon oil.
This product absorbs the advantage of the same kind foreign. Product in Germany and Russia. All the parts that may contact the feedstock are made of stainless steel. Available reduce the chemical effect of the feedstock and the machine spare parts.
Power drive adopts the friction clutch, Transfer power by the fluid, start reliably, prevent overland. The bearings are SKF grade in Sweden, guarantee working precision of the machine.
The separator adopts the PLC automatic control system, can carry out automatic de-slugging, ability of fitness is stronger, automatic degree is high. Easy to adjust, worker labor strength is opposite to ease, the solids content ratio in the mixture fluid is widely.
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When working, the sealing water 8 is bumped into the sealing room 7, rising the sliding piston 5, and sediment ejection hole 4 is shut down, then milk to be processed are fed to the bowl from feeding pipe 1, Under he effects of centrifugal force, the solids which has heavier density is collected on the bowl wall, After a while, the opening water 8 is bumped into the opening room 6, falling the sliding piston 5, open the sediment ejection hole 4, impurities are de-sludged from the bowl. The lighter liquid (cream) flow along the inner side of the discs into the passage in the upper distributor, the lighter product is discharged from the machine by the lower. centripetal pump 3. The heavier liquid(skim milk) flow along another passage, discharged from the machine by the upper centripetal pump 2. Thus the milk is separated well. The separator adopts self de-slugging and centripetal pump. Thus the machine can work continuously for a long time, attain good separation effects in.
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Machine Photos:
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Bowl inner 200mm 300mm 400mm 475mm
Bowl speed 7546r/min 7320r/min 6500r/min 6022r/min
Product 500L/H 1000L/H 2000-3000L/H 5000L/H
Separate factor 8120 8985 9120 9250
Fat output Centripetal pump Centripetal pump Centripetal pump Centripetal pump
Skim milk output Centripetal pump Centripetal pump Centripetal pump Centripetal pump
Power 380v/1.5kw 380V/4kw 380v/7.5kw 380v/7.5kw
Temperature 35-55 ℃ 35-55 ℃ 35-55 ℃ 35-55 ℃
Fat in skim milk 0.03-0.08% 0.015-0.05% 0.015-0.04% 0.015-0.04%
Weight 120kg 500kg 680kg 1100kg
Dimension 700*550*800mm 850*850*1200mm 1100*650*1550mm 1100*700*1600mm



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