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Fried Ice Cream Roll Machine

A new generation of safe automatic ice machine for cold stores snack bars and other leisure tea indispensable accessory products. New mechanical design of this machine resorted Ice is greatly increased to overcome the defects and shortcomings drawer access disk structure similar products at home and abroad to make your work easier; the body design of the desktop ice machine superior performance the appearance of luxury elegant suitable for hotels bars cold stores make delicious ice cool drinks purposes; at the same time save electricity consumption ice better results. A variety of color models to make your choice even more personality!

1.This machine is specially used to make ice cream rollsits lowest temperature can reach -30℃.
2.It is a disaccustomed stirring ice maker you can also add some decorationslike fruits nutscandybiscuitsetc into it so that to make the perfect ice cream which caters the tastes of different people

Main Models:

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HT-HB11 HT-1D4A HT-HB01 HT-HB16 HT-C28(with Marble Slab Top)


25kg/h 25kg/h 20kg/h 35kg/h 40kg/h


900w 740W 900W 1200W 2000W

No. of Pans & Barrels

1Pan 1Pan& 4Barrels 1Pan & 6Barrels 1Pan& 6Barrels 1pan

Pan Size

45*2cm 36*2cm 36*2cm 45*2cm 65*33cm


650*580*800mm 1020*480*320mm 920*630*820mm 1070*560*800mm 1250*660*850mm


70kg 40kg 45kg 80kg 100kg



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