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What’s The Advantage of Automatic Lightweight Foam Concrete Machine?

author: HENTO          time: May 09, 2018

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New Tech Foaming And Pumping Intergrated Together Hot Sale Cement Foaming Machine introduces the overseas production technology, with integration of cement feeding,mixing,foaming and conveying.It is characterized by high degree of automation, easy to operate and reliable performance.
The high quality cement foaming machine is powered by hydraulic not mechanical and it occupys less space but better foaming performance and high efficiency.The cement feeding machine and cement mixing machine are the auxiliary equipments,together with which the cement feeding and mixing can be made automatically.

The advantages of automatic lightweight foam concrete machine:
1,Foam concrete has lower price in comparison with other building materials.
2,Foam concrete service life under normal operation conditions is unlimited.In the course of time foam concrete became just stronger.
3,The foam concrete weight is much less,than weight of standard heavy concretes.It leads to considerable economy in structure skeleton,the substructures,abutments or piles.
4,The foam concrete lightness,bigger dimensions of blocks in comparison with the brick allow to increase the speed of a laying in several times and consequently to reduce expenses for building.
Foam concrete has good durability along with high isolation characteristics.
5,The good heat-insulating characteristics give advantages in energy saving for foam concrete made buildings,that allows to cut expenses on heating during the operation.
6,Foam concrete is a good sound-absorbing material,that’s why foam concrete can be used as an acoustical insulating layer on plates of constructional concrete.
7,Foam concrete is not subject to rotting and ageing,the foam concrete does not allocate toxic matters at operation that guarantees the full safety of foam concrete products for the person.
8,The good of weight and volume ration of foam concrete and foam concrete constructions allows to cut considerably transport and montage expenses,to lower labour input of works.
9,The foam concrete is extremely easy in levelling and it can be used as a surface by thickness up to 40 mm.

Unless the automatic lightweight foam concrete machine,we also produce many other machines.Each machine has many models,from manual to automatic and small to big.
please contact us to get the suitable automatic lightweight foam concrete machine or other machines for you.
If you are interested in our machines, please leave a message and we will answer your questions immediately. Thanks for your support.
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