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Why is the Tea Drying Machine Always at the Top 10?

author: HENTO          time: May 02, 2018

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Water is the cheapest nutrition in the world.Man's body cannot live without water.However,plain boiled water can make people feel hard to drink.Then you need it -- tea.However,do you know how can it be Drying and rolling?This machine we called it tea leaf drying machine or tea leaf rolling machine.Here is a description of the machine for you.

Introduction of Tea leaf drying machine:
This drying machine is used tea initial and recurrent drying operation. Machine with stainless steel mesh belt structure,with the wind angle,high thermal efficiency,continuous operation,convenient and efficient.The drying process,the tea into and out of time to achieve variable speed control through stepless regulation.
This series of products suitable for tea drying operations can also be used for peanuts, melon seeds, pine nuts and other food drying. With manual control, cutting, has a simple structure, reliable performance, easy to control the characteristics of the drying process.

Features of green tea leaf rolling machine:
Rolled high quality: the rolling tea, high efficiency, tight into high, tea leaf tissue damaged moderate and high,complete chopped
Green Materials: Lead and other harmful elements pollution
Reducer system: product deceleration institutions using advanced high-reliability design, long life, low noise
Rolling system: rolling system using multi-bearing system, smooth running, reliable
Kneading disc: the overall structure and increasing the rigidity and reliability of the product
Rubbing plate lined with: whole stainless steel, rolled tea quality is higher, more sophisticated manufacturing

After reading the above article, I believe you know a lot about the tea leaf drying machine. Believe me,you won’t disappointed if you buy the tea leaf rolling machine.
If you are interested in our machines, please leave a message and we will answer your questions immediately. Thanks for your support.
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